The Changing Seasons!

August 9, 2010

The cool summer weather today has me thinking about, yes I'm going to say it, Fall. The thought of warm fall stews and soups simmer on the stove in my cast iron dutch oven, using the seasons bounty from the local farmers are harvested until October just before the snow begins to fall . Then my thoughts of food soon turned to the cuddle and warmth of natural wool . The Canadian Rocky Mountains and sheep farms for as far as the eye can see, this is where my wool is sheared, washed and spun into products for you and your family to enjoy. You too can have a piece of Canada in your home. The natural wool is one of the best insulators to swaddle  your body and keep us warm through the long cold winters. We take special care in our products. Made with utmost TLC we can create, just for you.

A new beginning !

August 5, 2010
Good morning, welcome to my revamped blog, I'm not a writer but a designer with a passion for preserving our history and our world. My mission is to put back some of our history and bling back into our homes, preserving the past, present and future; that's what I love. I'll try to blog at least twice a week and keep you updated on all the things I love from my favourite blogs and postings I find to my new creations.

Welcome to my Passion.

February 8, 2009
Hello my name is Pamela  Beattie, I hope you take great joy in looking at my  Beautiful eco-chic designs .My love is to repurpose vintage items and turn them into  works of art!



P22CezPro.otf P22CezPro.otf
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     Venetian Decor             "old world with a new twist " 

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